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We will work with you to identify coverage that is appropriate for each phase of your life with our holistic life-cycle planning

  • Support On Raising Funds

    No single insurance policy can meet all of your protection needs throughout the different phases of your life. In one phase, you may want maximum coverage at affordable cost. Consider how your needs will change over time and how your insurance can work as part of a larger financial strategy

  • Outsourced Consult Business

    If permanent life insurance products such as universal or variable life would support your financial goals, consider the types of investments that suit your ability to assume risk

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Invest Planning

Given the climate of higher equity valuations and record-low interest rates, we expect total returns for various asset classes to be lower over the next few years. However, equities still constitute a good investment opportunity, particularly when compared to bonds. This report charts our key investment ideas for 2021.


Financial Consultancy

We believe that SGE factors are going increasingly mainstream and can be used to drive investment outperformance. Investment strategies incorporating ESG are growing fast and now account for over a quarter of professionally managed assets globally.


Online Banking & Loans

Manage your accounts easily and securely. We give you access to your personal online banking pages which allows you make transactions at your leisure time.


Travel Insurance

Cover to suit your every need while travelling. If you currently have annual travel insurance with Savetrustintl, you’ll still be able to renew your policy if you think it will meet your travel needs for the year ahead. However, you’ll have the benefit of the rest of your travel policy so long as you comply with the advice of the local authorities.


Business Advisor

Your business is your livelihood. So why leave anything to chance? Savetrustintl are our preferred partners for Business Insurance. With a range of cover available you can help protect your business from damage, disaster and protect yourself against bad debts.


Education Support

The current account that's built for student life. We'll start you off with a guaranteed interest-free limit of £1,000 in your first year, which could rise to £3,000 by year three. An arranged overdraft is where we agree an overdraft limit with you. This can help in months when you have extra expenses.


Our Completed Projects

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Fast Executions

We have raise our worker numerically, hence making transactions to be more faster than you can imagine. We have also added an artificial intelligence machines to increase durable and high perfomances.

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Guide & Support

We now have a lot of customers service personnels that can attend to you request or complains either through our livechat or emails. Also, we added to you dashboard a means to get acquainted with you account officer.

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Financial Secure

Before you could login your dashboard, an otp must be sent to your email to confirm your online access. This makes your funds secured with us

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You can ask for financial help through your personal online banking if you have been granted online accessby the bank.

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Working Process

How Does Personal Online Banking Works?

It should interest you to know that, personal online banking is meant for our premium customers to help make transaction easier for them based on the stake they with us.

  • Online Access

    Enter you email and password you registered with the bank.

  • Verificatin

    An otp will be sent to you, confirming your through identity with us.

  • Get In

    After undergoing the security processes, you can get into your dashboard where you can make transactions personally without involving an agent.

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